crusher blow bars

Different solutions for crusher blow bars 

Magotteaux has a variety of different solutions for crusher blow bars to be used in all primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. The Metal Matrix Composite combines different metals with ceramics. The monometallic alloy contains manganese steel, martensitic steel and white iron. Xwin® white iron was developed for both the secondary and third or tertiary stages of HSI & VSI crushers. It combines high wear resistance from the ceramic component with high chrome white iron. Thus, it increases the lifetime of the part. Recyx® is another product based on years of research and based on the Xwin® technology. It is a product especially developed for the recycling industry. It increases the lifetime of blow bars. It has a carbon content which allows it to reach a toughness of >100 J/cm². Recyx® is the best crusher blow bar for the recycling of building materials available on the market.


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