Grinding ball

Grinding ball

Ball Mill Overview

A ball mill is a type of grinding machine that uses balls to crush and grind material. The ball mill is made up of a cylinder called the mill shell that turns  on a horizontal axis. The mill is filled to a certain filling degree with balls and the mill shell is protected by liners. The materials to be reduced in size are added into the mill and the movement of the mill and the interaction, collisions and attrition between the grinding balls that  move inside the mill and the material ensure the material is ground down to the desired size.

Grinding balls are used to grind materials into fine powders in dry environments or pulp in wet environments.. The grinding balls made from different materials (stainless steel and ceramics) may be used for the different applications. Grinding balls and beads can be used to grind ores, rock, limestone, coal, minerals, pigments & paints, cosmetics, food, etcetera.

Uses for the Grinding Ball

Grinding balls are used to grind materials. A grinding ball works on the principle of impact and attrition. Earlier balls were made from forged steel. These days they are much more complex or scientific and Magotteaux manufactures them in a large range of alloys which are especially adapted to the material to be ground, the operating parameters of the mill and the wear mecanisms present, theycreating  the lowest wear and a far greater efficiency in production. We will give you advice on which balls are best for your specific needs.

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