Crusher blow bars

Crusher blow bars

Magotteaux Crusher Blow Bars

Crusher blow bars are mainly used in the gravel pits, quarries, and building material recycling industries. They are used to crush materials like asphalt, concrete, and stones into small pieces.

Blow bars are used in horizontal shaft impact crushers by inserting them into the rotor. During operation, the rotor spins at high speeds and strikes the material to be crushed repeatedly. This process splits the material until it is the correct size to fall into the impact crusher chamber.

The type of crusher blow bar selected for each operation has a direct influence on the productivity of the impact crusher. Blow bars can be re-used for subsequent crushing operations, which means that proper maintenance is a key factor in impact crusher productivity as well.

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How a Crusher Blow Bar’s Composition Determines Durability

When you are considering your crusher blow bar options, make a point to inquire about the amount of chrome in each design on your shortlist. The amount of chrome in the blow bar’s design is directly related to its effectiveness in bearing up against abrasive materials.

High-chrome bars are most effective at crushing asphalt and similar highly abrasive materials. They are a bit more splintery than other choices. You had best leave them for crushing rocks. These bars work best with a smaller feed size to avoid cracking. With proper maintenance and as long as they are used only for rock crushing, high chrome bars are durable and perform quite well.

Medium chrome bars are a good choice when crushing a range of materials. They can handle a larger feed size. A medium chrome bar is able to work with some asphalt; however, it is not the best option for recycling.

Low chrome bars would be the best option for crushing aggregate and concrete. They stand up well for large feed materials. This is the type of crusher blow bar you want to use when the feed has a high level of rebar and steel. It is not the best choice for coarse-grained materials. When choosing low chrome bars, you have to make a trade-off between increased fatigue resistance and a shorter wear life.

Hybrid alloy blow bars work in a similar fashion to a high chrome crusher blow bar. This choice works well for operators working with asphalt and other abrasive materials who still need the capability for larger feed sizes. It is also an option for operators working with concrete or light aggregate from time to time. Any type of tramp metal should be removed beforehand, though – above all large pieces. This is also the case with high chrome bars.

A crusher blow bars’s chrome composition will determine if it is likely to fracture. If the recycled materials contain rebar or other impurities, low-chrome blow bars are the best option. They are less likely to break on impact with these types of metal contaminants.

Blow bars are produced to withstand repetitive crushing inside a horizontal impact crusher. Eventually, they wear away. The blow bar’s composition determines how often they should be turned over or replaced. Keep some inventory of fresh blow bars in stock to reduce the amount of time lost to replacing them from deterioration.

The Magotteaux Solution

The Magotteaux solution guarantees the best results in performance. It maintains the capacity and the quality of the product.

Martensitic steel and crusher blow bars

Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One Martensitic Steel is one of the Metal Matrix Composites. Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One contains martensitic steel, white iron and ceramics. It was first developed to be used in the recycling of building waste. More recently it has been applied to impact plates. As opposed to white iron solutions, which are breakable, the use of Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One Martensitic greatly reduces the risk of breakage. It is therefore especially useful for crusher blow bars. One of the Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One key benefits is that the lifetime is increased up to 60%. Magotteaux Mining / Cement / Aggregates / Recycling Hammers + also has a similar composition. The main uses of crusher blow bars are in the industries of building material recycling and gravel pits and quarries.

Advantages of Metal Matrix Composites for Crusher Blow Bars

When you choose Magotteaux metal matrix composite (MMC) crusher bar solutions, your business receives the following benefits:

  • Lower wear-related costs due to increased lifespan of the crusher bar parts
  • Higher production quality due to consistent initial wear profile
  • Optimised maintenance with the number of spare parts reduced
  • Increased safety for staff due to lower risk of breakage
  • Proper Care Increases the Life of Your Blow Bars

To ensure your crusher blow bars wear well, you’ll want to use them properly. The wear life you can expect varies depending on the type of stone being crushed, along with the quantity and volume. Choosing the proper bar means it will last longer.

It is important to ensure that the blow bar’s bolts are working properly. If the bolts become loose or broken, the rotor or the frame may become damaged. The blow bar may also become loose. When high-quality bolts are used, they are much less likely to become loose or break.

Check to ensure that the bolts are the correct size. If the bolts are too small for the blow bar, it only increases the amount of wear and tear they produce in the machinery. The blow bar will wear out much sooner, which will lead to additional replacement costs.

Many sites do not keep a lot of extra crusher blow bars in stock as a means to control their costs. To that end, it is important to keep a close eye on the bars’ condition regularly. If the blow bars become eroded or ruptured, they must be replaced straight away. If you hold off too long to replace damaged blow bars, you may end up with a production slowdown.

Trust Magotteaux to Give you the Right Crusher Blow Bars Solution

The team at Magotteaux has the knowledge and experience to suggest the right crusher blow bars for your business. As you can see from the detailed facts and information we have set out above, our sales and service team has multiple options to suit various purposes. Whether you are currently looking for blow bars for use in a gravel pit, quarry, or a building material recycling context, we can offer advice and service to assist you. Our main goal is to help you find the best solution for your firm’s situation.

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