Ball sorter

Maintain grinding efficiency at the max!

Regular ball sorting is a must to maintain tube mill efficiencies and avoid losses of up to 10-20%. The quality of the sorting and its frequency are both critical.

  • 1st chamber: balls below a specific dimension have to be rejected to avoid overloading or even back spilling effects. Sorting to repeat every 1-2 years
  • 2nd chamber: the balls gradation has to be respected to avoid a too fine ball charge which could lose permeability and clog the outlet grates slots. Sorting to repeat every 2-4 years

Magotteaux ball sorter allows achieving the above in a fast and safe manner, requiring little manpower.

Ball sorter
  • Ball charge management and maintenance
  • l10.6 x w2.5 x h2.8m
  • Total weight: approx. 6,800 kg with feeding hopper
  • The Magotteaux drum ball sorter consists of a ball hopper, a vibrating feeder with variable feed rate, a drum sorting system and eight exit chutes.
  • The ball sorter allows for sorting balls of either the first or second compartment. To do so, two different drums are available and can easily and safely be swapped
  • Each drum has 7 lateral exits (one for scraps and undersized balls + 6 regular outlets) and oversized balls are collected at the extremity
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