Efficient & compact: what else?

The 4th generation dynamic classifier has been introduced to the cement world market by Magotteaux, in order to have a better compact and energy efficient solution for existing circuit revamping or closing.

This ultimate classifier is now fitted with an integrated cyclone and recirculation fan inside its patented design body, a perfect combination between the compactness of a 1st generation and the efficiency of a 3rd generation classifier.

This is your perfect solution to upgrade cement/raw/slag/fly ash ball mill circuits or create new lines with limited footprint, when you have some of the following targets:

  • Increase production
  • Improve quality standard, clinker factor
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce maintenance costs and ease maintenance operations in an “all in one” machine, thanks to wide access doors, high-level wear protection. This imperative was part of the MagoClass concept from first steps of its engineering
  • Keep low the global initial investment as you avoid expensive building transformation costs, huge external process filter, fan & dedicated ducting
  • Reduce installation/commissioning/downtimes
  • Meet sales targets, gain new markets
  • Cement/Slag/Raw/Other products as fly ash, CaCO3, Dolomite…
  • Cut size between 20-120 µm
  • Fines throughput range between 30-300 tph (cement), 50-350 tph (raw material)
  • Sizes range compatible for ball mills from ~ 800 to 5800 kW
  • Dedicated to cases where the classifier is fed via Bucket elevator and airslides
  • Neither suitable for Coal nor any ATEX applications
  • Classifier casing with integrated recirculation fan and cyclone
  • Global reduced pressure drop due to compact design, direct cycloning and absence of any peripheral ducting. This leads to substantial energy savings
  • Internal wear protection made of hardfaced steel, creusabro or even ceramic tiles for static and rotating parts
  • Selection cage equipped of blades. Its speeds can be adjusted according to the required finish product. An original design of dynamic air seal highly protected and positioned with the highest care avoids any air and particles by-pass.
  • Drive for selection cage composed of gear unit, lubrication unit, air/oil cooler, flexible coupling, motor and sensors
  • Integrated Heavy Duty recirculation fan wheel dynamically balanced prior to shipment. Its speed is also adjustable
  • Drive for integrated HD recirculation fan composed of coupling hub, motor and sensors
  • Fines rotary discharge (airlock) valve with geared-motor
  • Connection compensators (2 for inlet, 1 for fines outlet, 2 for rejects, 1 for dedusting)
  • Classifier venting with ~ 10% of nominal airflow only via dedicated dedusting filter
  • A detailed information is provided to explain easily any maintenance operation, using a maximum of schematic drawings



  • Specific tool and procedure for an easy fan maintenance
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