Ball loader

Save time in a safe manner

The Magotteaux ball loading machine enables to load the grinding media into a tube mill in a very fast (15-25 tph) and safe way.

  • The machine is operated by 1 worker and increases the operational safety
  • The loading speed significantly reduces the mill downtime and saves a substantial amount of time and money
Ball loader
  • Ball charge management and maintenance

The ball loading machine consist of following major components

  • A ball hopper equipped with an electromagnetic vibrating feeder
  • A special belt conveyor with adjustable slope
  • An adjustable discharge chute at the upper end of the conveyor
  • A control unit
  • Two hydraulic jacks
  • Four independent wheels for precise positionin

The slope of the conveyor is adjusted by using two hydraulic actuators.

The discharge chute at the upper side can be adjusted in all directions i.e. up/down and right/left for easy positioning of the loader in respect to mill manhole entry.

Mechanical specifications
Ball loader H65 Ball loader H85
Max lifting height 6500 mm 8500 mm
Belt width 600 mm 0.8 m/s
Belt speed 0.8 m/s 0.8 m/s
Weight 5.7t 6.5t
Ball loading capacity 15 tph to 25 tph for a diameter from 10 to 100 mm 15 tph to 25 tph for a diameter from 10 to 100 mm
Feeding hopper details
  • A removable ball hopper with an aperture of 2.500 x 2.200 mm
  • The capacity of the hopper is about 10t of grinding media
  • Weight: 1960 kg
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