Vertical Roller Mill Cement Plant

Vertical Roller Mill Cement Plant

At Magotteaux, we are experts in vertical roller mill cement plant technology, something that allows us to innovate and keep one step ahead of what the market wants. This is very much in evidence with our long-lasting and extremely efficient vertical roller mill cement plant wear parts that allow companies that produce cement commercially to gain a commercial advantage. With our wear parts, manufactured using the most up-to-date technology available, cement producers will never have to compromise between production runs and maintenance scheduling again. This is good news if the maintenance manager is in conflict with the production manager with both vying for alternative approaches. Given that vertical milling is the standard in the cement plant sector nowadays, being able to improve operational efficiencies is highly sought-after and Magotteaux is the company with the patent-pending technology to make this a reality.

Longer-Lasting Vertical Roller Mill Cement Plant Parts

There are two main reasons why the vertical roller mill cement plant castings on offer from Magotteaux will last longer than standard wear parts. The first is an indirect result of the operational efficiencies mentioned above. Of course, the main reason to lower energy consumption through operational improvements is that it will have an effect on running costs. In addition, lower carbon consumption can be expected from more efficient vertical roller mill cement plant operations. However, by grinding cement more efficiently, so users of our castings can also expect them to wear less rapidly than would otherwise be the case. The second reason that our castings are longer-lasting than legacy wear parts is that they are made from Metal Matrix Composite materials. Magotteaux approach to material science means that our products have been developed to be incredibly durable, even when they are used in cement processing plants seven days a week.

Case Study: Expand One

More technical information about this product in the case study page below.

Parts Designed for All Vertical Roller Mill Cement Plant Systems

A key part of the success that Magotteaux enjoys is derived from the fact that our vertical roller mill cement plant parts will work with any VRM system. Take our recent innovation, the Expand range of VRM castings, for example. These products will fit into any plant machinery that operates vertically today. Expand One offers exceptional performance no matter where it has been used in the past. For cement plant applications that require even better results, our custom-designed solution, Expand+, will offer even more favorable results.

Vertical Roller Mill Cement Plant Parts From a Firm With Global Reach

Magotteaux is well-known for vertical roller mill cement plant expertise all over the world. We have over 200 technical sales representatives with knowledge of the cement industry and particular skills with vertical roller mills to draw upon. We operate in over 150 countries, providing first-class customer service and after-sales support. No one working in the cement industry today should underestimate our commitment to the sector. That’s why we spend so much time and money on our research and development programs, only developing products after extensive consultations with our valued customers.

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