Vertical Coal Mill

Vertical Coal Mill

As a leading innovator with power station technologies – and other industries that need to process coal, Magotteaux is the ideal firm to turn to when seeking cutting-edge vertical coal mill technology. Our tires and tables mean that vertical coal mills can run more efficiently than ever before. In many cases, there is a compromise that needs to be made between the length of production cycles and the lifetime of the wear parts, to allow the best match between the two.. However, the superior parts on offer from Magotteaux for the sector now mean that striking this balance is much less problematic. In other words, our vertical coal mill technology allows production managers and maintenance professionals to get the best results possible thanks to enduring production with much less downtime for repairs and tweaking.

Vertical Coal Mill Technology for Power Stations

Primarily designed for power stations that burn coal to produce energy, our vertical coal mill wear parts are also good for use with slag, cement, and limestone among other applications. For power station operations managers, our innovative Expand + range of wear parts provide significantly better performance than any other Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) products on the market today. One of the keys to the success of Expand + wear parts compared to standard vertical coal mill technologies is that they come with wear monitoring tools. This way, maintenance managers can keep on top of potential shutdowns with much greater ease. In short, they’ll be much better placed to choose the right time to replace these wear parts than would otherwise be the case. The business case for installing them at power production plants, therefore, speaks for itself.

Maximize Energy Efficiency With Leading Vertical Coal Mill or pulverizer Parts

Any users of vertical coal mill parts will realize that consistent and stable operating conditions are preferable for reliable production. Note that Expand + offers just these circumstances. Not only will the coal be milled consistently but the operational efficiencies afforded by our Expand range of vertical wear parts mean that less energy will be used when milling, thanks to the original profiles of the wear part being kept much longer than with classical or competing wear parts. In turn, this lowers overheads thanks to a more cost-effective milling process.

Wear Parts to Suit All Vertical Coal Mill Applications

Although our Expand range of vertical coal mill wear parts is a proprietary system, all users of vertically oriented coal mills can make use of them. This means that their extremely durable operation – and consequent very long life cycles – can be enjoyed by owners of vertical mill plants whichever system they have in place. If you are looking for the best levels of performance, then check out Expand+, our top-of-the-line coal milling solution.

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