Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mills have numerous applications in many different industries. Although they are widely used in the cement sector, for example, you are just as likely to find a vertical roller mill being used to handle ores in mining processing plants. There again, vertical roller mills also have uses within the context of power stations where they are primarily used to pulverize coal. At Magotteaux we are among the leading suppliers of vertical roller mill parts with a presence in many countries around the world. With our own research and development programs and an employee count that is over 3,000, we are considered to be experts in vertical roller mill technology by many firms. Find out more about our technological know-how and how our products, as well as our significant after-sales support, are so valued.

Magotteaux’s rollers and tables for Vertical Roller Mills

Among the vertical roller mill products that are utilized so successfully by industrial companies are our rollers and tables for vertical mill casting. Tables are mostly supplied in segmented parts – although non-segmented options are available, too – our grinding table products provide outstanding levels of wear resistance regardless of the degree of pressure these parts will be exposed to through the material grinding bed. Designed to cope with the exertions of the tires, aka as rollers or tyres that are the essence of the vertical mill working principle, our tables come in a wide selection of alloys. Please note that Magotteaux produces many vertical roller mill tables with ceramic grains. With memorable Magotteaux brand names like Expand One Magotteaux Cement / Power Stations Innovative Longer-Lasting VRM Wear Parts – available in 2 qualities One and + -, these materials are Metal Matrix Composites, or MMCs.

Innovative Vertical Roller Mill Castings

Not only is Magotteaux a leading supplier of vertical roller mill parts but our level of commitment to product innovation is also world-class. A good example of this in action can be seen with our Expand range of vertical roller mill castings. Made from MMCs, our range contains two products, Expand One and Expand+, each of which constitutes an entire vertical roller mill solution. To begin with, the high wear resistance of these novel castings means that users of vertical roller mills can expect to obtain the longest-lasting solution available today. In addition, both the Expand casting solutions require much less maintenance than conventional alternatives. As such, you can expect to be able to run your vertical roller mill with fewer interruptions for repair work or preventative maintenance to be carried out. Not only does this make for greater operational efficiency but it also makes for a safer working environment with fewer chances of industrial accidents while maintenance work is being carried out.

Strong Relationships With Vertical Roller Mill OEMs

At Magotteaux, we take a great deal of care to make sure we are always in a strong position with roller mill OEMs. This is because we want our vertical roller mill parts to work well with all of the existing technology and legacy machinery that is in use today without compromising. This commercial commitment allows us to be in the frontrunner position when it comes to vertical mill solutions permanently without ever losing ground.

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