Vertical tower mill castings & grinding media

Ensure the reliability, availability, and optimal performance of your vertical tower mills with our advanced wear parts and grinding media, providing longer wear life and excellent performance, helping you meet sustainability targets and maintain operations even in the most challenging conditions.

Addressing key challenges in the Mining industry

The main challenges in the mining industry today include achieving adequate mineral liberation and surface chemistry to maximize the recovery of valuable minerals at minimum cost. Key focus areas are:

  • Reducing the cost of consumables per ton produced
  • Optimizing milling and recovery
  • Maximizing equipment availability
  • Lowering footprint

Our offering

Our high chromium solutions are:

  • Flight and end liners to protect the permanent screw from wear and enhance the grinding efficiency of your VTM,
  • High Chromium grinding media, combining a martensitic structure with hard chrome carbides that provide the optimum wear resistance against abrasion and corrosion.

Partner with us to reduce milling costs and increase production

Our liners aim to reduce the total cost of milling and increase plant availability by focusing on three main areas:

  • Wear Profile Analysis and Design Optimization:
    • Analyzing the liner’s wear profile to optimize design.
    • Enhancing grinding efficiency (kWh/t).
    • Reducing wear of grinding media and liners ($/t).
    • Minimizing downtime to increase plant availability.
  • Liner Alloy Selection:
    • Selecting the best alloy to balance abrasion, abrasiveness, and corrosion  for a longer lifespan.
  • On-Site Technical Support:
    • Providing on-site technical support for testing, mill inspections, and wear control.
    • Offering detailed reports and product optimization.

Additional benefits of our solutions

Our solutions maintain the original liner profile for a longer period, which positively impacts the absorbed power of the mill and improves milling efficiency.

Vertical tower mill castings & grinding media
  • Mining
  • Supplied for all vertical tower mill manufacturers
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