Brick retaining system

The perfect seat for refractory bricks

Brick retaining rings are located at the kiln’s discharge end. Their role is to hold refractory bricks in place and to prevent the nose ring from collapsing.

A major risk encountered is the shearing of bricks due to an unadapted retaining ring design. In such a case, bricks would be free to move downwards leading to bricks’ collapsing at the end of the kiln resulting in a kiln emergency stop.

To avoid this, Magotteaux and RHI (brick provider) designed the Magotteaux Veitscher Brick retaining system.

  • Brick shape adapted to our retaining ring
  • Extremely long casting life 
  • Easy installation
Brick retaining system
  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Fits all diameters and Original Kiln Manufacturers designs
  • Light solution to avoid extra weight at the kiln’s end
  • Safe locking system with minimum welding on the shell
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