At Magotteaux, we have Sustainability on top of our priorities; we take decisions and put in place effective solutions like Bio Oil in manufacturing process

Monday 25th July | 2022

As the concerns around climate change and the need to reach carbon neutrality grow, the world needs to reduce its dependence on the historical fossil fuels. 

At Magotteaux, once more, we took the lead and made the conscious choice of converting to Bio Oil our quenching manufacturing process.

Most of our plants that used to use mineral oil in quenching process have been successfully converted to Bio Oil (Mexico / China / Spain / Belgium / Brazil). Thailand will soon be converted in 2023.

Bio Oil for quenching process is better than mineral oil not only for the environment but also for human being and offers the following advantages:


  • Less smoke generated during the quenching process
  • Less risk of fire
  • Less CO2 emissions during its production process
  • Vapors almost free of chemical carcinogens
  • Reduced indirect spread/waste on final products to customers
  • Reduced consumption because of inherent lesser viscosity nature of Bio Oil
  • Improved products mechanical properties
  • At the end of its life, the used Bio Oil can be recycled in biodiesel for instance

As a drawback, Bio Oil is more expensive than former regular mineral oil

A conscious decision Magotteaux took while maintaining an equilibrium in the three pillars of sustainability (Social, Environmental and Economical).

At Magotteaux, we have sustainability on top of our priorities; we take decisions and put in place effective solutions like Bio Oil in manufacturing process.

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