Wear plates

Fluid processing excellence

The wear plates are located between the pump casing and the shrouds of impeller and guarantee the tightness of the pump. One wear plate is on the suction side and the other one is on shaft side. The wear plates are in direct contact with pumped abrasive material.

  • Increased lifetime (up to 5 times) depending on the application
  • Reduced the re-circulation inside the pump and increase its efficiency
  • Reduced pump downtime and costs (USD/m³)
  • Synchronize pump maintenance schedule

The material of the wear plate can be High-Chrome Iron reinforced according to the material to be pumped.

Wear plates
  • Mining
  • Dredging
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Oil sand
  • Slurry pumps
  • High-Chrome Iron (for all mining & dredging application)
  • High-Chrome Iron + Xwin® Ceramic Reinforcement
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