Vertical roller mill castings

With Expand, Magotteaux innovative longer-lasting vertical mill casting, you no longer have to compromise between production and maintenance in your power station!

We offer first-class vertical mill wear parts for all your grinding applications for the best value for money available in today’s market.

Our 5 in 1 innovative solution combines the best performance and smaller ecological footprint.
– High resistance and longest lasting solution.
– Consistent and reliable production, stable operating conditions.
– Maximum energy efficiency with lower emissions.
– Lower maintenance and replacement frequency, fewer maintenance shutdowns, improved safety.
– Best product lifecycle. At Magotteaux, we have for long adopted a scrap buy-back program allowing you to reduce and optimize your ecological footprint.

Vertical roller mill castings
  • Power stations
  • Supplied for all vertical mill manufacturers
  • Expand One: our new standard solution achieves significantly higher performance than any other standard Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) product.
  • Expand+: our new high-end and custom designed solution boosts your efficiency to even higher levels.
Case study

A new vertical mill performance record

How we innovated for a limestone and flint plant searching for a more durable solution to significantly reduce the maintenance shutdowns for their vertical mill
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