Tipping valves

Efficient flow control

Tipping valves are located at the bottom of each cyclone of preheater towers. They play a crucial role in controlling both the flue gas and hot meal flow within preheater towers.

The working environment (temperature and coating) as well as the valves’ geometry are key parameters influencing their performance.

The newest generation of tipping valves design addresses most of the existing challenges.

  • Robust cast damper design to offer longer life
  • Wide opening to avoid blockage in case of coating fall
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Designed to fit all Original Equipment Manufacturer’s designs
  • Can be fitted with a pneumatic jack to prevent the coating to build up
Tipping valves
  • Suspension preheater tower without precalciner
  • Suspension preheater tower with in-line calciner
  • Suspension preheater tower with separate line calciner
  • Damper cast in honeycomb design for better mechanical resistance
  • Self-lubricating shaft’s bearings for smooth and continuous movement of the damper
  • In house developed alloys for improved mechanical and high temperature corrosion resistance
  • Can be supplied with the option of pneumatic jack, control panel and programming to prevent coating formation within the tipping valve
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