Lifting liner – Xstep™

Lift your output and reduce energy consumption

Xstep™ is a lifting liner for the 1st compartment of cement and raw mills. It is composed by 2 light & channeled plates A and B. It shows a specific and perfectly balanced 3D-profile, and therefore:

  • Performs a continuous lifting effect
  • Provides optimized cascading balls trajectories

The Xstep™ liner profile was defined and optimized via an extensive full program of DEM simulations. The product is designed for large ranges of standard and extreme running conditions.

Key benefits:

  • Improved contact with the ball charge with an optimized shape, an improved permeability and a smaller dead zone
  • Reduced risk of ball projections
  • Preserved grinding efficiency with a constant lifting profile and optimized ball trajectories stable in time
  • Lifetime: up to 30,000h
  • KWh/t: up to 8% less vs. tradionnal step liners
  • Output (t/h): up to 10% more vs. tradionnal step liners
  • Reduced installation & maintenance time
Lifting liner – Xstep™
  • Typical lifting liner for the 1st compartment of raw and cement tube mills. Different alloy alternatives within the Chromium iron family allow to suit specific cement productions.
  • For mill diameters from 3.0 to 6.0m
  • For DIN-drilled mill shells (250*314mm) and Russian shell drilling patterns (500mm)
  • Classical DIN-bolted or semi-vaulted
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