Lifting liner – Xlift®

The modular lifting liner

Xlift® is a patented modular lifting liner system consisting of 3 light & interchangeable base plates.

  • Reduced liner weight (7-20% vs a traditional bolted step liner), the weight reduction is even higher when compared to vaulted/boltless liner systems
  • Eased handling and increased safety thanks to lighter plates
  • Shorter maintenance intervention -> Reduced operating costs
  • Liner profile layout adapted to mill operating parameters for an optimized grinding efficiency
Lifting liner – Xlift®
  • The Xlift® concept is a 1st compartment ball mill liner including 3 plates each producing a different lifting effect. The modular concept enables the user to adapt the lifting profile (along the mill axis and circumference) according to mill characteristics and operating parameters to achieve a grinding efficiency optimization.
  • Ball mills – Cement and Raws in specific running conditions – 1st compartment
  • For DIN drilled mills with a dia from 3.0 to 5.4m
  • Liner plates vary from 18 to 24kg max
  • The lining is secured by the bolting of wedges along 7 to 8 generating lines. Those special wedges ensure a perfect torque distribution to the whole lining
  • Equivalent lifetime performance as compared to standard step liners
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