Cutter teeth

Perfomance for hard rock dredging

Magotteaux develops and manufactures cutter teeth in high wear resistance cast alloys (including composites) capable to resist the highly abrasive seabed material.

As dredgers are being built with more powerful cutters, Magotteaux increased the resistance of its cutter teeth in order to excavate harder rock without blasting.

Magotteaux developed a specific teeth design and manufactures it in its unique composite material.

  • Design: self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production
  • Increased lifetime (x 3) -> decreased frequency and duration of maintenance stops, more m3 dredged per day…
  • Less power on winches for same m³
  • Reduced mechanical stress on the ladder
  • Reduced CO2 emission per m³ dredged
  • Higher dredger availability
  • Dredging – land reclamation…
  • Cutter suction dredgers
  • A unique teeth design and easy locking system
  • Alloy – our standard material FMD35 or the MMC version in which a composite insert is placed to reinforce the working tip of the tooth
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