Classifying liner – Xclass®

The revolutionary classifying liner

The Xclass® concept is a 2nd compartment tube mill liner including 2 base plates combined with deflectors/blades.

Key benefits:

  • Liner weight reduced by 20-35% vs. traditional 2nd chamber mill liners
  • Xclass® increases the useful mill diameter (from 40 to 76mm), the ball load up to 2.5 tons per EGL meter (Effective Grinding Length) and the absorbed power
  • One single bolt type to fasten all plates
  • Shorter maintenance intervention -> Reduced operating costs
  • Potential time and manpower savings during installation
Classifying liner – Xclass®
  • Raw and cement tube mills – 2nd compartment
  • DIN drilled shell (250x314mm) or similar with a diameter range from 3 to 5.6m
  • Unit weight of Xclass® plates ranges from 21 to 25kg (as compared to 40 to 56kg with traditional 2nd chamber liners)
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