1st and 2nd chamber grinding media +

High performance grinding media for abrasive environments

Magotteaux cement 1st and 2nd chamber grinding media + offers the lowest wear rates for abrasive cases (Pozzolanic cement – Blastfurnace slag cements) or customer’s striving for the ultimate grinding performance.

In addition to the advantages of 1st chamber One and 2nd chamber One, this will significantly reduce wear and drive down drastically the need for top-ups and consequently increase the available time of your grinding mill.

1st and 2nd chamber grinding media +
  • Raw and cement grinding
  • Coarse & fine grinding in 1st and 2nd compartment
  • Diameters: 12 – 100 mm (½ “ – 4 “)
  • Offering the best wear rates in the cement industry
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