Crusher Wear Parts

At Magotteaux, we produce high-quality crusher wear parts that are designed for numerous industrial applications. Whether they're put to use in recycling plants, the aggregates industry or in the mining sector, our crusher wear parts offer durability and sustainability. Thanks to our reduced breakage risks compared to inferior products, our parts will offer a consistent return on investment, something that many of our valued customers would readily agree with. Therefore, anyone seeking crusher wear parts from the market leader in the design and manufacturing of these important mining and cement industry components should find out exactly why so many in the sector consider Magotteaux to be the best.

What Makes Our Crusher Wear Parts Stand Out?

To begin with, the numerous ways that our crusher parts can be utilized to wear materials down is exceptional. Take our hammers that are made from monometallic and metal matrix composite alloys as an example. These offer crushing performance that can be maintained at their optimum level throughout the entire product lifespan while allowing for enhanced manpower safety because of reduced maintenance. Featuring Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars + patented metal matrix technology, the hammer crusher range is suited to primary, secondary, tertiary and clinker applications. There again, our multi-sectoral experience in crushing means we can also offer safer and tested product solutions in numerous applications. Please note that we offer both horizontal and vertical shaft impactor parts as well as roller sizer parts that can be utilized by the cement, ceramics, precious metals and energy sectors, among others.

Cost Savings With Magotteaux's Crusher Wear Parts

At Magotteaux, we can save our valued customers a great deal thanks to crusher wear parts that are more reliable and, therefore, require less maintenance than other products. For example, the Magotteaux ceramic solution Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One did just this when it was used to replace legacy blow bars and impact plates at a recycling plant. After these parts were fitted, a study was conducted that revealed the durability of the solution offered a 15% wear cost saving. However, this is only part of the story because there was also found to be a 30% saving made in rotor maintenance. On top of this, a 40% reduction in part replacement was found to be the case. In all, our Magotteaux Cement / Aggregates Blow Bars One crusher parts saved the client 80% of their usual costs, savings that everyone can enjoy with our crusher solutions.

Introducing Our VSI Crusher Wear Parts

Given that we offer so many different crusher parts that are suited to particular applications and market niches, we'd encourage making contact with us to find out more about specific solutions. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight just one solution, VSI. This is a very versatile system equipped with our crusher wear parts. It is suited to coarse and medium aggregates for asphalt plus concrete and other applications. VSI comes in the form of impellers and anvils. If wanted, we can provide after-sales support for VSI and analyze collected data to help optimize the performance of all of the crusher wear parts.


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