Marco Lombard - Account Manager

Marco Lombard

I started at Magotteaux Pty Ltd South Africa in August 2011 and join the Downstream Processing team.

During my 5.5 years working as the zone metallurgist out of the Johannesburg office I was fortunate to be led by a strong sales and technical team (both local and international, both management and colleagues).  Amazingly, I thought I would only be floating samples in the laboratory, but I was challenged with supporting sales, BTD, thinking of new projects to bring more value to clients and improving our marketing from a technical point of view.

My managers always told me they appreciated me trying to continuously think out of the box. Working for a company where from top management it was asked to bring ideas to not only benefit Magotteaux, but our clients as well brought considerable stimulation (emotionally and intellectually).

Today I find myself in another great sales team, and this time as part of direct sales in Australia.  Magotteaux presented an opportunity and when I raised my hand, Magotteaux took notice. The success of Magotteaux is in the trust it has for its employees. Not only does the company provide a working environment for professional and personal growth, but allows your strengths to expand and give opportunity to develop your weaknesses. It has not always been easy, but with Magotteaux competing in very dynamic industries it will never be easy.

Thank you to everyone in the direct or indirect involvement of my development. I look forward to many more years.


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