Satellite coolers

Command of satellite cooling efficiency 

For satellite coolers it is extremely important to master the cooling efficiency through the most appropriate internal lifter design and layout. 

Indeed, as satellite coolers are fixed to the kiln shell varying the clinker advancement speed and adjusting fresh air flow are impossible. 

Magotteaux experience in satellite cooler design is second to none.

  • Tailor lifter design to match clinker granulometry ensuring optimum cooling and breaking efficiency with minimum dust emissions
  • Optimization of lifters layout versus total maximum weight for best performance
  • Patented dovetail mounting device for the hottest section of the cooler not requiring shell drilling (hence no risk of clinker leaking)
  • Own range of alloys to better fit working conditions of each specific section of the satellite tube 
  • Design of our internals privilege robustness and breakage resistance
  • Maximum protection of the satellite tube’ shell against risk of exposure to hot or abrasive clinker
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