Reciprocating coolers

Unprecedented cooler performance 

Reciprocating coolers play a major role in the reliability and efficiency of a Cement plant.

Magotteaux’ smart engineering of classic cooler grate plates coupled with unique alloys development allow you to reach unprecedented performance of your coolers on many aspects.

Magotteaux patented technology offers:

  • Longer lifetime through a better wear protection of the rear section
  • Available for a wide variety of Original Designer’s Cooler grates
  • Better heat recovery than conventional cooler plates
  • More stable production performance
  • Improved cooling
  • Lower dust emissions
cooler grate
  • Specific alloys available for each area within the cooler
  • Patented bar and clinker pocket grates designed to fit on existing supports without any change in the fans/structure
  • Possibility to use side sealing plates for better control of dust emissions and wear resistance
  • Optional service: specialized supervisor to ensure perfect alignment
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