Grate liners

Designed for discharge efficiency

The role of the grate is to allow the discharge of the material ground in the mill via the slots. With our range of alloys and design experience we can offer the longest possible lifetime with the optimal grinding efficiency.

The design of the grates will depend on:

  • Drilling pattern
  • Mill speed (rpm)
  • Maximum grinding media diameter (mm)
  • Grinding media filling degree (%)
  • Throughput (open area & cm²/t)
  • Presence of pebble
Grate liners
  • AG mill
  • SAG mills
  • All grate discharge mills (ROM, primary mills, etc.)
  • Grates are manufactured in CrMo (FMU226 type) for AG and grate discharge mills and in High-Chrome for AG mills
  • Lifters design adapted to avoid overthrowing of balls
  • Design to best fit to the existing pulp lifters
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