Automated grinding ball loader - MagoLoad

Maintain an optimal filling degree at any time!

The MagoLoad is designed for automated grinding ball addition and on-line reporting in milling plants. The equipment insures grinding balls are added into the mill and taken into account for accurate control of ball consumption and related wear rates monitoring.

  • Reduction of ball handling costs through decreased man hours and increased safety
  • Optimized wear costs through better grinding media management
  • Improved grinding efficiency
  • Ball mills
  Standard Extended hopper
Power supply 380 - 420 Vac 50Hz 25A
(440 – 480 Vac 60Hz 25A)
380 - 420 Vac 50Hz 25A
(440 – 480 Vac 60Hz 25A)
Hopper capacity 15t 21t
Weight (bin empty) 2.3t 2.6t
Dimensions W 1900 mm X L 2500 mm x H 2300mm W 1900 mm X L 2500 mm x H 2800mm
Max. ball loading quantity 450 kg/batch 450 kg/batch
Max. ball loading frequency 20 loadings/h 20 loadings/h
Ball loading accuracy accurate to the kg accurate to the kg
Connectivity To all PLC/Scada systems (Profibus or Ethernet) To all PLC/Scada systems (Profibus or Ethernet)
Ball size 10 mm -> 150 mm 10 mm -> 150 mm
  • Keeps ball load at constant level
  • Ensures continuous grinding ball loading to the mill
  • Increases mill autonomy in regards to grinding media charging
  • Allows for reports on key information
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