With street sanitation, necessary supplies, and broadband internet, Magotteaux helps communities near to its operations in Til Til, Antofagasta, and Tierra Amarilla in Chile

Monday 5th October | 2020

The company's actions during the context of this pandemic are part of the Sigdo Koppers Group's collaborative work, in addition to being in line with the values and policies of the entire organization.

More than 200 families in the town of Huertos Familiares (Til Til), 200 families in Tierra Amarilla (Copiapo), and 200 employees of the Antofagasta Hospital were the beneficiaries of the actions that Magotteaux has carried out - between April and August of this year - due to the context of the global COVID19 pandemic. All of the activities carried out were previously coordinated with neighborhood boards and hospital directors to provide real and necessary help to those most affected by this health crisis.

Patricio Moreno, Safety, Health, Environment and Community Manager of Magotteaux Andino, commented that "as a company, we are responsible for the impact of our operations on the community, so our values and policies have always been designed to work together. In the context of this health pandemic, we could not rest on our laurels, as we know that everything we do for families is more than necessary".

Supporting Tierra Amarilla communities

The delivery of more than 200 boxes of sanitation kits was made thanks to the coordination with four neighborhood councils in the area, which included the delivery of aid to Camp Luis Uribe, one of the most emblematic in the area.

The kits included personal and household hygiene items and were intended for families at social risk and job losses due to the pandemic.

Sanitation, supplies and broadband internet in Til Til

In a coordinated effort with the neighborhood councils of our main area of influence in Til Til, Magotteaux carried out several actions. The most important ones were the sanitation of the main streets and the Municipality, Cesfam, the Police Station, and the local Fire Department.

Along with this, 200 boxes of merchandise and 200 cleaning kits were delivered to the same population, which focused on reaching the neediest neighbors directly, the elderly, the chronically ill and vulnerable families.

On the other hand, and in direct collaboration with the Liceo Huertos Familiares de Til Til, 50 mobile broadband kits were delivered to students of the establishment, which will allow them to continue with online education, as well as help families to stay connected.

"With the current uncertainty about vaccines and the next phases of this pandemic, we keep in contact with local authorities and organizations, to be present and provide the best help within what they require, so we do not discard new activities between now and the end of the year," Patricio Moreno concluded.

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