Vertical Mill Mining

At Magotteaux, we are an experienced firm with virtually every aspect of vertical mill mining technology today. As leaders in our sector with over 3,000 employees on our payroll, there is no better firm that mining companies could turn to today to benefit from industrial expertise in milling. Our innovative vertical mill mining castings offer superiority in numerous ways, constituting a proprietary solution that will fit with any vertical mill operation that a mining firm happens to have at the moment. Even better, our Expand range of vertical mill wear parts will suit all mill designs used in the mining sector nowadays, including segmented and non-segmented rollers and tables. Find out why we are such a trusted global name in the vertical mill mining industry.

100 Years of Experience in Vertical Mill Mining

To begin with, Magotteaux is a well-known name in vertical mill mining. Not only do we design and manufacture some of the most highly respected innovations on the market today but we have also been breaking new ground in the mining sector for over a century. Few companies can claim to have such an in-depth knowledge of - and close relationship with - mining companies around the globe as Magotteaux. This allows us to better understand the demands of the industry today and to invest in research and development programs that truly deliver what the sector wants.

Obtain Vertical Mill Mining Parts from a Firm With Principles

Another key to our success with vertical mill mining products is our wider company vision. At Magotteaux, we provide value to our customers that comes in the form of technical support as well as product superiority. In addition, our teams' priorities are to innovate and to collaborate. Among our working principles – the sort of thing that has helped to drive new thinking in vertical mill technologies for the mining sector – are being responsible and customer-focused. For us, this means having integrity with strong values while understanding that it is our customers who drive everything we do.

A Complete Vertical Mill Mining Solution

We would like to introduce Expand, something that we truly believe is a game-changer with respect to vertical mill mining activities today. In short, Expand is a five-step solution that meets the rigorous demands of mining companies operating these days. Thanks to the high resistance offered by the material choices behind Expand, a longer working life cycle can be expected. The proprietary solution also provides for more reliable production processes so mining firms will achieve more consistent results. Expand also lowers emissions due to more efficient use of energy. There again, it needs lower levels of maintenance so there is an associated boost to safety at mines that use it. Lastly, Expand benefits from Magotteaux buy-back scheme. With this program, you can contact us once the vertical mill castings have eventually come to the end of their working lives and we will buy them back, thereby boosting your ecological footprint.


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