Innovation as driver of our development

Innovation and technology have historically been a focal point of our culture and one of the essential elements that sustain our differentiation strategy. Our emphasis on innovation and product development has enabled us to significantly increase the performance of our products and clearly distinguish us from the rest.

Our close relationship with customers and partners provides us with a unique insight into market needs and enables us to identify innovation opportunities.


Discover more about some selected key milestones in our history:


Magotteaux' new challenge is to turn itself into a 21st century innovative company reducing cycle time for new solution development and guaranteeing customer return within 1 year. 

Building on our strengths (such as Magotteaux proprietary technology: composite, XCC®), our new philosophy is ‘test quick, learn fast”, identifying & utilizing levers from emerging technologies supporting Industry 4.0 revolution : big Data, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, sensor.


Duocast® High Performance
New constant profile design for optimal efficiency of grinding tires for vertical mills.

Joint ventures with Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd for the production and the commercialization of forged grinding balls and Grintec advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. for ceramic beads and balls.


Unique holistic approach developed by Magotteaux for their mining customers. It consists of fusing different expertise: pulp & surface chemistry + grinding efficiency + wear mechanisms. 


With its strategic acquisitions Magotteaux is able to offer a complete range of grinding media solutions: low chromium (cast and forged), high chromium, rods and ceramic beads (for ultra-fine grinding).

grinding media

Magotteaux joins the Chilean Group Sigdo Koppers

Neox® New generation ceramic technology


XCC® Superior metal matrix composite wear solution


Xclass®, new concept of second chamber lining for ball mills.
Sensomag®, sensors for controlling pulp and ball levels in mining mills.
Magoload®, automatic loading machine for mining mills.
Magotteaux Mill®, a laboratory mill to test and analyze ore samples and simulate milling parameters.
Magotteaux floatcell, a laboratory floatation cell to simulate and fine tune your recovery. 
Keramax®, ceramic beads for ultra-fine grinding.
Magotteaux's new xp/products/classifier-xp4®i (4th generation) for cement grinding circuit.


Xwin® The first composite material (Metal Matrix Composites, MMC) technology developed by Magotteaux combining an increased resistance to both wear and shocks.


High-chromium grinding media, successfully changed the standard for the whole cement industry


Georges Halbart joins Magotteaux. He will be the father of the first Magotteaux high-chrome grinding balls.


The Magotteaux foundry is born, one single small plant produces white iron balls


Lucien Magotteaux, an engineer, buys a small iron foundry located in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont, Belgium

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