Mag World For All

1. Alloy
2. Ball mill
3. Comminution
4. Crushing (>30mm)
5. Crushing equipments
6. Down-stream processing
7. FAG mill
8. Grinding (<30mm)
9. Grinding equipments
10. Heat resisting / Refractory alloys or steels
11. Heat treatments
12. Horizontal or tube mill
13. Lining
14. MMC
15. Optimization tools

Tools, techniques, processes and procedures aiming at improving cost effectiveness and achievable performance under given constraints, by maximizing desired factors and minimizing undesired ones.

If we take the example of a high efficiency classifier, it recuperates particles which are not sufficiently ground in order to send them back in the grinding circuit, the result being a better quality cement at the end of the production line.

16. Pyro-processing
17. Pyro-processing equipment
18. Real-time mill management tools
19. Rod mill
20. SAG mill
21. Vertical mill
22. Wear
23. Wear mechanisms