Mag World For All

1. Alloy
2. Ball mill
3. Comminution
4. Crushing (>30mm)
5. Crushing equipments
6. Down-stream processing
7. FAG mill
8. Grinding (<30mm)
9. Grinding equipments
10. Heat resisting / Refractory alloys or steels
11. Heat treatments
12. Horizontal or tube mill
13. Lining
14. MMC

A Metal Matrix Composite consists of a metallic component alloyed to another non-metallic component like ceramic. It has the advantage to combine the hardness of ceramic with the mechanical properties of cast iron or steel. The wear resistance of the ceramic part is 3 to 4 times greater than that of a chrome alloy.

15. Optimization tools
16. Pyro-processing
17. Pyro-processing equipment
18. Real-time mill management tools
19. Rod mill
20. SAG mill
21. Vertical mill
22. Wear
23. Wear mechanisms