• July 1914

    Lucien Magotteaux, an engineer, buys a small iron foundry located in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont

  • March 1920

    The Magotteaux Foundries are born. One single small plant produces diecastwhite iron balls


  • 1922

    The first Magotteaux alloy, called NEO, wins an award at the International Engineering Exhibition

  • 1929

    Georges Halbart joins Magotteaux. He will be the father of the first Magotteaux balls. He will also initiate the process which lead employees to become the shareholders of their own company

  • 1946

    Magotteaux's Superalloy allows for balls of all diameters to be cast in series


  • 1954

    Magotteaux’s Hypersteel-B, first 12% Cr ball, designed for ball mills in the cement industry. Production of lining plates starts with same types of alloys

  • 1956

    First hardened, cast lining plates composed of a quenched 12% chromium steel to protect the shell of grinding mills

  • 1963

    A new plant is set up next to the original one and seven times as big. First sheltered warehouses; First equipments fully adapted for the production of special alloys (fusion, heat treatment, quenching ...). Production capacity : 12.000 tons a year


  • 1967

    The R&D department applies for a patent for the new Maxicrom® grinding ball (first 17% chromium ball) 1968 – Founding and first production of Magoteaux- Luzuriaga in Urdiain, Spain. Beginning of research around bi metal alloys


  • 1970

    The Duromax®, high chromium alloy designed for the mining industry