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Cast iron solution

For all vertical mill types (ball and roller mills) with different solutions to suit international standards (ASTM) as well as 100% in-house developed and patented solutions.

Name: Rollers and tables / Hollow balls and rings.


  • Cement.
  • Power Stations.

Equipment: Vertical roller mills & vertical ball mills.

Tech specs:

  • For one-piece or segmented rollers and one-piece or segmented tables.
  • Main alloys : international standards alloys and 100% home developed High Chrome Irons.
  • High Chrome alloys ranging between 16% and 27% Cr with uniform hardness ranging between 57 and 64 HRc depending on alloy.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased lifetime due to higher wear resistance (High Chrome is about 1.6 to 2 times better than Low Chrome).
  • Increased service life when hollow balls / rollers and rings / table qualities are well balanced.
  • Reduced production costs and increased maintenance cycle.