Vertical mill internals

The most important internals in a vertical mill are the rollers and tables (also called respectively vertical mill tires and rings). Several rollers (two to six according to the size of the mill) are placed around the table. A vertical mill takes its name after the vertical axis upon which it rotates. The material to be ground is fed into the mill from its top. It falls on the table placed at the bottom of the mill.

Due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the main shaft the grinding rollers are pressed closely upon the grinding ring and grind the material fed into the mill (raw, cement or coal for instance) as they roll. The qualified material (i.e. the one which has reached the requested size) will leave the mill with the airflow while the unqualified one will be brought back to the grinding chamber for another round of grinding.

Magotteaux manufactures vertical mill internals in high wear resistance steels and irons, be they standard mono alloys, bi-metal or composite (i.e. a metal matrix alloyed with an even higher resistance material like ceramic). Magotteaux pioneered the use of composite solutions in vertical mill internals, vertical mill rollers as well as vertical mill tables (or vertical mill tires as well as rings).

- Xwin®