Outlet: Optimex®

Installed in mono-chamber or common two-chamber mills, transfers the full production out the mill by deflectors and when used with the OPTICONTROL® leads to a coherent set of diaphragms to optimize the grinding process.
Adaptable to any shape and any drilling of the mill outlet head.

Name: Optimex®.

Industry: Cement.

Equipment: Ball mills.

Tech specs:

  • Rigid structure divided in parts designed to pass through the manhole opening in the mill shell.
  • Fully assembled in workshop to match-mark each main part to obtain an easy assembly on site.
  • Large central opening and minimal pressure drop.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced wear of the frame due to the minimal pressure drop.
  • No balls can escape from the mill and full protect of the mill outlet head.
  • No reduction of the air and material flows.