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Xstep™ is a lifting liner for the 1st compartment of cement and raw mills. It is composed by only 2 lighter channeled plates A and B. It shows a specific and perfectly well balanced 3D-profile, and therefore:

  • performs a continuous lifting effect
  • provides optimized cascading balls trajectories

The design of the Xstep™ liner (3D-profile and specific shape of the circumferential channels) was defined and optimized further to an extensive full program of DEM simulations.
The final set of models were faced to large ranges of standard and extreme running conditions (in terms of %Vc, %FD and φ max, global impact conditions) and duly improved accordingly.

Name: Xstep™

Industry: Cement

Equipment: Ball mills – 1st compartment

Key benefits

  • Improved contact with the ball charge:
    • Optimized shape
    • Improved permeability
    • Reduced volume of the dead zone
  • Reduced risk of ball projections and preventing harmful impacts
  • Preserved Grinding efficiency:
    • Lifting profile unchanged until the end
    • Optimized ball trajectories (charge opening, cascades and light cataracts)
  • Increased lifetime: up to 30 000 h for classical cases
  • Gain in power (kWh/t reduced): down to -8 % in energy specific consumption
  • Output (t/h): up to +10% in production
  • Reduced installation & maintenance costs

Tech specs

    • For mill diameters from 3.0 to 6.0m.
    • For DIN-drilled mill shells (250*314mm) but also developed for Russian shell drilling patterns (500mm).
    • Classical DIN-bolted version or semi-vaulted.
    • Lifting height (depending on mill diameter):
      • Plate A: 85 to 95mm
      • Plate B: 105 to 130mm
    • Unit weight (depending on mill diameter & fastening):
      • Plate A: 35.4 to 39.3kg
      • Plate B: 40.4 to 50.8kg
  • Chemical/metallurgical composition and heat treatments to suit applications


Typical lifting liner for the 1st compartment of cement and raw mills. Different alloy alternatives within the Chromium iron family allow it to suit the following specific needs:

  • FMU11: CEM I (OPC), CEM II (composite cement with limestone), and raw mills with standard running conditions (in terms of %Vc, %FD, φmax, free SiO2…).
  • FMU33: CEM V (compound cement with fly ash and slag), pozzolanic cement, CEM III metallurgical or blast furnace slag cements and full slag.
  • FMU10: raw mills with high impacts and poor filling degree.

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