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Xlift® is a patented modular system of lifting liner consisting of 3 base plates that are interchangeable, light and wear resistant.

Name: Xlift®


  • Cement.


  • Ball mills – 1st compartment.

The Xlift® concept is a 1st compartment ball mill liner including 3 plates each producing a different lifting effect. The three plates concept (modularity) enables the user to adapt the lifting profile (along mill axis and circumference) according to mill characteristics and operating parameters, allowing for grinding efficiency optimization.

Tech specs:

  • For DIN drilled mills with a dia from 3.0 to 5.4 meters.
  • Liner plates vary from 18 to 24kg max.
  • The lining is secured by the bolting of wedges along 7 to 8 generating lines. Those special wedges insure a perfect torque distribution to the whole lining.
  • Equivalent lifetime performance as compared to standard step liners.

Key Benefits:

  • Liner weight reduced by 7 to 20%, depending on mill diameter, as compared with traditional bolted step liner. Weight reduction is further increased as
    compared to vaulted / boltless liner.
  • Increased safety thanks to lighter plates.
  • Optimum grinding performance.
  • Liner profile adapted to mill operating parameters allowing for optimized grinding efficiency.
  • Reduced maintenance operations -> Reduced costs.
  • Potential time and manpower savings during installation.
  • Except for door plates and connecting plates (to feed end and diaphragm grates), all Xlift® plates are available from stock.
    For these special plates, standard leadtime is reduced by 4 weeks as compared to a traditional step liner.