Intermediate: Opticontrol®

Flow controlling diaphragm with adjustable scoops.
Its ability to maintain a given material level in the diaphragm allows it to regulate the material load in the first compartment.

Name: Opticontrol®.

Industry: Cement.

Equipment: Ball mills.

Tech specs:

  • Flexible structure able to absorb the dynamic deformation of the mill shell. Design and material hardness of the grates help maintain original slot openings for a longer period of time.
  • Central screen design according to volume load.
  • Reduced pressure drop due to the use of a cylinder (instead of a cone).

Key Benefits:

  • Optimization of the grinding process
  • Minimum wear of the internal equipment
  • Possibility of material retention independent of slot sizes or ball charge density.

The level of material in the first compartment is controlled by the level of material in the diaphragm.