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The Xclass® concept is a 2nd compartment ball mill liner including 2 plates each of one which has a role of its own, while before, the same plates were used to classify and protect the shell.

Name: Xclass®

Industry: Cement.

Equipment: Ball mills – 2nd compartment.

The Xclass® concept includes 2 plates : one base plate and one support plate with its deflector. Base plates protect the shell while deflectors, organized in a spiral shape, classify the media.

Tech specs:

  • DIN drilled shell (250x314mm) or similar with a diameter range from 3.00 to 4.6m (as of today).
  • Unit weight of Xclass® plates range from 21 to 25kg (as compared to 40 to 56kg with traditional classifying liners).
  • Deflectors can be switched 180° and therefore start a second lifecycle. This allows for constant classifying efficiency during the lining’s lifecycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Liner weight reduced by 20 to 35% depending on mill diameter. E.g. for a mill in the 4.4 to 4.6m diameter range, weight is reduced by 465 to 310kg/m².
  • Xclass® allows for an increase in useful diameter of mill, ranging from 40 to 76mm depending on mill diameter. As a consequence, ball load may increase by 0.9 to 2.5 tons per meter of EGL (Effective Grinding Length), which, in turn leads to an increase in absorbed power.
  • One single bolt type.
  • Reduced maintenance operations -> Reduced costs.
  • Potential time and manpower savings during installation.
  • All Xclass® plates available from stock.