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The Classoline® liner has been developed to ensure quick and efficient media classification to adapt grinding charge to material granulometry, efficient attrition rate and smooth material flow.

Name: Classoline®.

Industry: Cement.

Equipment: Ball mills – 2nd compartment.

Tech specs:

  • Cast irons with a chromium content between 11 and 27% and a hardness ranging from 50 to 62Hrc.
  • Can be installed in three different ways : bolted / semi-vaulted (2, 3 or 4 bolted semi-vaults) / vaulted.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced ball wear because the sliding phenomenon is restricted and because the surface of the grinding charge is adapted to taht of the material to be ground.
  • Reduced energy consumption (kWh/t) due to the adapting and optimum classification of the grinding charge.
  • The Classoline® profile is adapted to one, two or three plates, depending on the mill diameter.