Tube mills internals and mill internals’ installation

A tube or horizontal mill is equipped with several items called tube mill internals such as: an inlet wall at its entrance, a liner (to protect its shell and give the media charge the requested effect), a diaphragm (to separate it in compartments) and an outlet wall at its end. A tube or horizontal mill is a cylindrical tube positioned horizontally on two supports and rotating. It can have different dimensions (length, width) and operating parameters (speed, rotation direction,…) to suit the particular application they are designed for (cement mills are different from mining mills for instance).

Once the mill internals’ installation is complete, the mill is then filled with grinding media (like balls or rods). When rotating, the move of the grinding charge insured by the lining grinds the material thanks to a friction effect. Magotteaux internals are made of wear and impact resistant steels and irons. Both material and design choice of the vertical mill internals are dictated by the ground material and its properties (hardness, abrasiveness, …) and by the production objectives (tons/hour, fineness of the finished product,…). Tube mills internals installation can be performed by the customer himself or by our Magotteaux teams.

Our approach consists in:

  • Considering the particular application.
  • Thoroughly studying mill operating conditions.
  • Selecting best-suited design as per the above.
  • Selecting the best-suited alloy for the profile.
  • Selecting simple & safe fastening system to suit mill.
  • Monitoring the installation.
  • Insuring follow-up during liner’s/diaphragm’s lifetime.