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Travelling grates pre-heaters

Because of the cyclic change of temperature, travelling grate components are very specific products which require a lot of attention.

The constraints to which these components are exposed differ form one item to the other one. For instance:

  • Priorities for the grates and side plates will be to resist to thermal shocks, thermal fatigue and chemical attacks, ….
  • Priorities for the chain links and sprockets will be to offer best mechanical resistance for the whole span of temperature met, ….

High dimensional accuracy is a must to maintain a perfect alignment of the grate and secure the right clearance between the various parts.

Today’s focus on alternative/waste fuels really deserves special care when deciding on the alloys selection.

Magotteaux can assist you at any stage of your project from the supply all the way to the turn key project including supervision and supply.

Name: Grates, chain links, side plates, rollers, spacer tubes, grate rods, sprockets,…


  • Cement.
  • Mining: iron ore, ferrochromium, nickel,…


  • Polysius Lepol pre-heaters.
  • Allis Chalmer pre-heaters.
  • Kobe pre-heaters.

Tech specs:

  • Cross section of the Grate slots adapted to avoid clogging with coating.
  • Reinforcement of the grate bars cross section.
  • Specific design of grate clip to ease the replacement.
  • Specific molding of the grates to ensure perfect internal health and avoid breakage.
  • Possibility of reinforced side plate design.
  • Wide range of alloys to fit all specific working conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Operating reliability: specially developed alloys to avoid any mechanical failure of the key components such as links or grates.
  • Easy installation: easier replacement of the grates with our special design of grate clips.
  • Savings: specific molding technology for the side plates to avoid unnecessary and costly machining.
  • Optimized lifetime: especially adapted alloys to fit all known environment. Our molding technology offers best internal health to avoid any risk of breakage, …
  • Turn key possibility