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Satellite coolers

Magotteaux has a very long experience in the supply of satellite coolers internal equipments and retrofitting.

We offer the possibility to assist you at any stage of your project:

  • Optimization of your satellite coolers internals to lower the clinker outlet temperature.
  • Optimization on the total weight of your satellite coolers internals.
  • Optimization of the lifetime of the satellite internals.
  • Optimization of the satellite tube shells lifetime.
  • Optimization of the installation time and mechanical reliability of the satellite internals.

Magotteaux has indeed developed its own range of designs and alloys to suit best with your own working conditions.

Name: Supports, mixers, lifters, shovels, satellite tube shell protection plates, …

Industry: Cement.

Equipment: Satellite coolers.


    Our satellite internals arrangement is studied to fit:

  • The satellite tubes dimension.
  • The shell drilling pattern.
  • The clinker granulometry.
  • The supports position.

Tech Specs:

  • Unique and reliable fastening systems for the lifters and mixers located in the hot zone avoiding drilling of the shell.
  • Special design of base plates and clinker breakers to reinforce their mechanical properties even at high temperatures.
  • Special design of shovels to prevent breakage and deformation.
  • Large variety of alloys and designs adapted to the location in the tube.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized cooling efficiency thus clinker exhaust temperature.
  • Best heat recuperation with minimum dust.
  • Increased lifetime.
  • Minimum installation time thanks to the supply of pre-mounted satellite internals on the shell.
  • Optimum tube shell life..
  • Magotteaux drilling pattern and internals design offers the lightest but yet best efficient design of satellite internals on the market.
  • Magotteaux drilling pattern and internals design allows our customer to use the lowest quantity of fixation bolts for an even better cooling performance.