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The increasing trends in the use of alternative/waste fuel, the latest development in the field of the coolers (3rd generation reciprocating coolers, fixed inlet, …) and subsequent increase of secondary air temperature, the request for longer campaign and better stability of production has brought a lot of changes in the design and alloy selection of the nose-ring.

Yet, the key issue is to remain cost efficient.

Magotteaux has developed a wide range of nose-ring to fit everybody’s specific need.

Name: Nose-ring.


  • Cement.
  • Lime.

Equipment: Rotary kiln.

Tech specs:

  • Monobloc design fully metallic.
  • Monobloc design with front castable protection.
  • Split design consisting of the support parts (metallic) and the wearing parts (box type with castable).
  • Split design consisting of the support parts (metallic) and the wearing parts (improved concrete protection).
  • Specific alloy adapted to the working conditions.
  • The use of Veitscher – Magotteaux unique brick retaining system will optimize the lifetime of the nose-rings.
  • Use of improved castable reinforced with special needles quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Magotteaux latest design allows to achieve the longest life available so far on the market.
  • Design are studied to ease the installation in a safe way.
  • Reliable alloys and fixation to ensure trouble free operation.
  • Light weight compare to concrete nose-ring.