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Kiln chains

Kiln Chains are used in either the wet kilns or in the long dry kilns, kiln chains are used to improve the heat exchange between the hot gases at the kiln feed end and the raw material.

They can be used in a garland or hanging curtain pattern or both.

Magotteaux can supply the whole range of chains quality required to equip your kiln from the cold end all the way towards the hot end.

We also propose different types of shackles to ease their installation inside the kilns.

Magotteaux also offers the possibility to assist you at any stage of your project from the study of your kiln chains arrangement, the supply of the chains and accessories all the way to the turn key project including supervision and supply.

Name: Kiln chains, shackles, hangers, accessories, kiln shell liners,…


  • Cement.
  • Lime.


  • Wet rotary kiln.
  • Long dry rotary kiln.

Tech specs:

  • Alloys ranging from standard carbon steel quality, ferritic steel alloys and cast austenitic steel for the chains.
  • Our cast chains technology allows for continuous strands made of up to 24 links without welding. Thus much safer than forged chains which requires welding to connect each link.
  • Shackles available with screw pin, bolted pin, welded pin.

Key Benefits:

  • Our own development of cast alloys allows to install chains much closer to the flame end (radiation zone) and thus improve the heat exchange.
  • Possibility to improve the material transportation, heat exchange and/or dust reduction through a tailor-made kiln chains arrangement.
  • Installation made easier thanks to the use of shackles with screw pins.
  • The use of Magotteaux design of kiln shell liners instead of castable allows to increase the inner diameter of the kiln, hence the kiln output.