Tipping valves

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The priorities of our tipping valves are:

  • Easy access to the damper and seat for a simple and fast removal.
  • Increased lifetime of damper which is cast instead of fabricated.
  • Reinforcement of our damper with spider design ribs at rear.
  • Smooth pendulum movement of the damper shaft on SKF bearings .
  • Possibility to use an hydraulic jack to avoid coating formation in the path of the damper pendulum movement
  • Increased lifetime of seat which is cast instead of fabricated or made of castable.

The priorities of air-shock canons are:

  • Longer life thanks to the alloy selection.
  • Easy replacement of the canon.

Name: Tipping valve and damper.


  • Cement.
  • Mines
  • Power Stations


  • Cyclone pre-heaters.
  • Fluidizing bed boilers.
  • Calciners.

Tipping box supplied on a plug and play basis ready to be installed at site.

Tech specs:

  • We can supply single flap for inclined material duct or double flap for vertical material duct application .
  • Large variety of diameter to adapt to .
  • Supplied as a complete solution including casing, damper, shaft, seat and inside castable protection.
  • Cast dampers can however be supplied to fit into existing tipping valve

Key Benefits:

  • Easy installation : our tipping valve is adapted to the existing material duct without any major job to be carried on site.
  • Operating reliability : our damper and seat alloy are selected according to your working condition/environment, possibility to add an hydraulic jack to prevent coating form clogging the tipping valve.
  • Optimized lifetime: material adapted to the environment, operating temperatures and mechanical stresses.
  • Turn key possibility.