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Brick retaining system

Don’t let bricks movement at kiln’s end spoil your production. Veitscher and Magotteaux Companies joined their expertise to design a unique and efficient brick retaining system.

The concept lies in the transformation of the shearing force inside the bricks into a compressive force against bricks.

This well proven solution comes complete with the necessary bricks, insulation, steel segments and fixation.
Supervision can be supplied for an additional cost to ease the installation.

Name: Brick retaining system.


  • Cement.
  • Lime.

Equipment: Rotary kiln.

Installation of 4 to 6 rows of special shape segments (depending on the kiln diamete ) instead of any other conventional design of brick retaining rings.

In case of any bricks movement, the special shape bricks located on the segments will be pushed up the segments towards the kiln center and thus get blocked against each other.

The perfect bricks movement annealing at kiln end will not only protect your nose-ring from possible bending/breakage. It will also protect your bricks from falling and thus avoid unnecessary kiln shutdown.

Tech specs:

  • Stepped conical retention system.
  • Honeycomb cast steel segments allowing shell insulation.
  • Segments hooked on fixation clamps welded on the shell.
  • Special alloy selection to offer best performance against oxidation, corrosion and wear.
  • Special bricks shape and quality supplied together with the metallic segments and hooks.

Key Benefits:

  • Longer kiln lining life.
  • Extremely long life of the cast segments.
  • Easy installation.
  • Better protection of the nose-ring (brick thrust cancelled).