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Name: Duromax® rods.


  • Mining.

Equipment: Rod mills.

Tech Specs:

  • FMS6 is a hot rolled rod of high carbon and chromium alloyed steel.
  • FMS6 offers a hardness of ≈64Rc in surface, slowly decreasing towards the core.
  • Diameters available: 40 -> 105mm (1½” -> ≈4″ ).
  • Lengths available: 2,500 -> 6,500mm (≈8″ -> ≈21″).

Key Benefits:

  • Improved wear resistance due to optimal distribution of higher hardness over the cross section.
  • Increased rod lifetime due to more regular wear mechanism along the whole rod length.
  • Steady milling conditions due to wear reduction in wear rate.
  • FMS6 is the best-suited solution to fight wear: it is highly resistant to both abrasion and impact.