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Grinding beads : KERAMAX®

Keramax® is the name of the Magotteaux ceramic grinding bead, the Magotteaux made grinding media to be used in fine and ultra-fine grinding applications. Standard grinding media such as steel and iron balls are used in mills while ceramic grinding beads are used in attritors, a type of grinder in which particles suspended in water are moved by an endless screw and are ground as they collide with each other. Ceramic beads being used to grind finer material, their size range from 1.5mm to 3.5mm. Keramax® characteristics are as follows:

  • Small: capable of breaking particles no bigger than a few 100µ.
  • Tough: capable to resist high energy intensive mills.
  • Dense: Keramax®‘s density is > 3.7 whereas natural media is > 2.2.
  • Hard: its hardness is > 1300 Hv 1 allows it to withstand attrition by abrasive ores.
  • Clean: its 0 open porosity means that Keramax®is a non-contaminating grinding bead.

For these reason is Magotteaux’ Keramax® a unique ceramic grinding bead.

Name: Keramax®.


  • Mining.
  • Others: Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), Minerals, Pigments, Paints, Ceramics, Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Abrasives,….

Equipment: Stirred mills.

Tech Specs:

  • Sizes: 3.5 -> 1.5mm.
  • Physical characteristics: Density > 3.5g/cm³ – Hvl: hardness has no influence on wear resistance – KlC > 4.0 – Open porosity = 0.

Key Benefits:

  • Outstanding resistance against wear and breakage.
  • Ideal for non-contaminating applications.

Keramax® was launched in 2009.
The latest version of Keramax® but has a finer microstructure providing a better resistance to wear and breakage. It proven to be from 2.0 to 2.5 times better than the first version (i.e. its consumption is less than half the consumption of the first version).
The first version of Keramax® is hence no longer available.
This reduction in media consumption has been possible while maintaining the same excellent energy efficiency.
Xstrata is now using Keramax® as a benchmark for their testwork and recommend it to IsaMill users.



Magotteaux International S.A.- Belgium have been assessed and found to conform to XT standards as a designated commercial testing laboratory for the determination of the IsaMill™ Signature Plot . (see certificate in attached documents).