Dragheads wear shoes

A draghead is the pipe equipping the dredges used specifically to clean river beds for instance. It can be lowered down to the seabed. On the end of the pipe(s) the so-called dragheads are connected. This head is comparable to a large vacuum cleaner and is trailed along the seabed.

Dredging covers several types of activities such as maintenance (cleaning riverbeds or port entrances in order to insure sufficient navigation depth) or construction (extracting riverbed material from one place and bringing it to another in order to build an artificial island for instance).

In the particular case of maintenance activities, the special dredge is a hopper, equipped with one or two suction pipes on its side(s). Each suction pipe is fitted with a draghead at its end. The material is sucked inward and discharged in the ‘hopper’. To do their work, the dragheads are fitted with wear shoes cast in high wear resistance alloys capable to resist the highly abrasive river bed material. A suction hopper dredger with its draghead(s) is only capable to suck relatively loose substance while harder substances such as rock will be destroyed by a ‘cutter‘ dredger.

Name: Wear shoes.


  • Dredging.
  • Sand and gravel.
  • Oil sand.

Equipment: Dragheads.

Tech Specs:

  • High Chrome Iron for bolted wear shoes.
  • Bimetallic alloy for welded wear shoes.
  • Bimetallic alloy with ceramic for jetting system.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased lifetime (2 to 5 times) depending on application.
  • Optimum working pressure.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Reduced pumping costs (EUR/m³).

The material of the wear shoes is chosen according to fixing system (the Right Product for the Application).